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Will I be made offers in top universities with poor AS grades?

I have received my AS results, they were poor. I didn't try my very hardest throughout the year and I just ended up running out of time, eventually giving up and in my lowest spirits. I did expect these grades as I didn't try. However, my personal statement is complete and I'm applying for an architecture degree.

I'm very determined to get into the top universities eg. Sheffield, Manchester, Kent, Du Montfort and Kingston which require AAA/AAB or just a good portoflio. But I'm just wondering, the fact that my AS grades are poor would I even be made an offer?
Answered by Alison Patterson
You have to be realistic about your chances of getting your A levels next year. It may be what you hope for and what you aim for but what is your school predicting on your UCAS form? If you're school agrees to give you good predictions then you'll be sending off a realistic explanation but you have to be honest with yourself at this stage.

You must check the entry requirements for all the courses. Go to:

Click on a few courses. You should apply to a range of courses, to give yourself the chance of getting an offer. Check the grades required for each course.

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