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Can I defer a university offer and apply elsewhere in the meantime?

I have been offered a place at my second choice university. I am now really not sure if I want to go and think it would be best to take a year out rather than make a mistake.
If I now defer the place (even this late) would I be able to reject it and reapply for 2016 UCAS with a new course choice at other universities or would that stop me being able to reapply for others?
Answered by Alison Patterson
You can ask the university to defer the place until entry in 2016 (They may not be willing to do this.)

But you cannot hold a deferred offer whilst re-applying through UCAS. If you want to start a fresh application through UCAS for entry in 2016 you must not be holding any offers.

It may seem a gamble but if you know where you want to go and you meet the entry requirements it may be wise to start from scratch. Think carefully and don't turn down the offer of a place until you are absolutely sure about what you want. You could check with your teachers and parents.

Good luck.

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