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Deferring during study

Hi, my son has just started his 2nd year at Rose Bruford, after only 4 days on year 2 he now feels he is on the wrong course & wishes to completely look other options. As his parent, I feel he really does have excellent career prospects with this Uni so I want him to avoid making any hasty decisions.

Is it possible for him to defer his place until next year (STILL GIVING HIM THE OPTION TO CONTINUE) & still reapply through UCAS for a new course or does he have to give his place up completely at Rose Bruford?
Answered by Alison Patterson
He could ask Rose Bruford to let him suspend for a year while he sorts himself out. That would, in effect, keep his place at Rose Bruford open while he sees if he can find a place elsewhere through UCAS. He may have to pay back any student loan payment for this year. He will be entitled to one extra year of funding beyond the length of the Rose Bruford course, so as long as he applies for a course of the same length he should be OK, but he should check it all out with the SLC before doing anything irrevocable (as we don’t know all the details of his circumstances).

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