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Should I just put Oxford on my UCAS form?

Hello, I'm planning to apply to Oxford, however, I really like most of the universities I'm applying to. I've been told by all my teachers that by applying to Oxford I put at risk my application to other universities as they may interpret that I feel they are "2nd class" institutions. Is this true?
Answered by Alison Patterson
You apply to five universities in one application form through UCAS.

The universities all receive the application form (containing your educational qualifications, Personal Statement, academic reference and so on). But they do not know which universities you have applied to apart from themselves and they don't know what your priority is as there is no ranking of your choices on the UCAS form, so all appear equal.

It is true that you must submit your application to UCAS by 15 October if one of your choices is Oxford or Cambridge universities.

When crafting your Personal Statement it is important that you emphasis your reasons for wanting to study a particular subject at university but you should not mention any university by name as all five universities will see this.

Tips for your application from an Oxbridge admissions officer found here:


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