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Fresher's Week, what if I don't drink?

I'm going to uni in September. I'm really excited but from all the stories I hear everyone drinks at uni, especially during fresher's week. I don't drink and I'm worried I'll struggle to make friends. Any advice for me?
Don't worry Theodore. Yes universities get a reputation for being all about drinking these days, but there's such a diversity of people there that this simply isn't true.

Whatever your interests you're likely to find like-minded individuals at university. Forgive the term but shop-around for friends don't settle for the first group of people you meet (unless they're just your type). Join a non-drinking society or any society for that matter, to qualify as a society these days they have to offer non-drinking options at socials. Trust me, there's more to life at university than drinking, get out there and enjoy it.

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