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My son wants to do a undergraduate course in accounting. We are confused about the tables related to accounting. Universities like Manchester, Nottingham, Durham and Birmingham have much higher world rankings but some of them have very low rankings in yours and other UK league table e.g compared to Loughborough.

How do we make a choice. Should we go for reputation and world rankings or UK rankings?

What difference does it make to the graduate prospects if one decides to choose a uni lower in the UK ranking but higher in world rankings or vice versa?

Many thanks
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hi Wasim,

World and UK rankings use different sets of measures, with world rankings tending to be more focused on reputation and research. This explains the difference in rankings. It would probably be worth paying attention to the details of each measure, particularly those that are more important to you.

Pragmatically, it is likely that major firms will pay more attention to reputation in deciding where to focus their recruitment efforts which might favour students of universities which are ranked higher in the international tables.

Hopefully this helps, and good luck to your son with his application!


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