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My Daughter has completed her A Levels and is currently on her planned gap year. Unfortunately she did not get the grades she wanted so is re-taking three units this year. She is currently doing her UCAS application and planned to start in 2016, however she really wants to take another year to do the travelling she planned for this year. This would mean she potentially will start in 2017. Should/can she apply now for 2017? She knows exactly where and what she wants to do...do Uni's offer places for the following year? Or should she wait and apply next year?

Answered by Alison Patterson
Hi Sue,

She should apply this year (UCAS 2016 cycle) for deferred entry to 2017. Check the very useful UCAS advise at:

www.ucas.com/ucas/undergraduate/getting-started/wh...y (click on the red section on "Are you deferring your application...")

and also our own page on this subject:


Hopefully this all helps. Good luck to your daughter, and I hope she enjoys her travels!


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