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Entry standards UCAS average score -year HESA data


According to the methodology section of the League Table, the entry standards (i.e. average UCAS tariff score) is derived based on HESA data for 2013–14. My main question is: Do you use HESA data 2013–14 to derive the entry standards for all the years? Then why do the entry standards vary across years? I am interested to use the 2008 entry standard variable for academic research and I would be grateful if you could clarify which year of the HESA data is the 2008 'entry standards' variable based on? Also, any details regarding the sample used when deriving the variable (e.g. UK domiciled students, age) would be appreciated.

Thank you very much,
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hi Adriana,

Yes, previous years use earlier data. The 2016 tables use HESA tariff data for 2013-14, so the 2008 tables used 2005-06 HESA data. The data we use is for first-degree entrants, excluding those starting a foundation year. Prior to the 2013 tables, students over the age of 21 on entry were also excluded.

Hopefully this helps!


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