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international student or not, applying to UK or Dublin, USA

Hold a British passport, but have schooled overseas. Final year IB in Kuala Lumpur. Are we classed as an international student if applying to UK or Dublin university?
Are there any universities that offer same as USA with respect to be able to swap and change your subjects for first 2 years of degree?
Tags: applying
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hi Liz,

I presume as parents you have also been outside the UK for a number of years?
The general rule for qualifying for home fees status is that you must have been resident in the UK for the three years prior to tarting university.

Go to the UKCISA website at:




UK undergraduate degrees have a different structure to those in the US. There is less flexibility generally; however, first year courses are often fairly open allowing for some choice and a breadth of subjects (if desired). But it depends on the undergraduate degree course. Medicine, Law, Engineering etc tend to be lockstep and for this reason it is often quicker to graduate in the UK.

I believe the same rules will apply in Dublin, but I advise you to check. I'm not sure which Dublin university your son is thinking of applying to (UCD, TCD or DCU).

I hope this helps!


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