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Can I go to university in October 2016 and still reapply to other universities for a DIFFERENT course?

I applied to study history last year and received offers from both LSE and Durham. However, recently I have a change of heart and wish that I had applied for Law. The obvious option is to take a gap year, however my mother thinks it is too risky as there is a risk that I simply won't receive any offers from universities equivalent to the ones I have offers from now, and so isn't really willing to let me take a gap year.

So, can I accept one of my offers and still reapply? If I explain my situation to the universities I apply to, will they consider my application in the same light as other applicants?

Thank You.
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hi Benjamin,

Law will be more competitive than History and so your mother is right that it would be a risky option.

There are postgraduate options if you study history and then decide you want a career in law (though it does add to the cost).

On the other hand, if you can get into Durham to do History, the chances are you could get into a high reputation university to do Law, even if it is not Durham or LSE.

Taking history at LSE or Durham is a great option to have, and I don't think that you'd regret choosing to do that.


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