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Transferring to a UK university

May 2019

I am currently attending the first year of an undergraduate course in my home town, sadly it has so far failed to meet my expectations. I am planning on applying for a different course at a different university abroad, specifically in the UK, and was wondering how this would affect the way in which I would be expected to apply. Would I be expected to provide a reference from a former teacher or a teacher at my university, even though I have only been attending it for a few months? Am I expected to contact my university of choice before hand, like with students who transfer?


It is unlikely that you will be able to transfer to a UK university course. Most degree courses are lock-step and on the whole you need to start at the beginning. You should apply through UCAS at ucas.com. Look at their section here. Use our Course Chooser to find a course. In your application, you will need to explain your short time at university and if you can get a reference from a university teacher, that will be fine. But a school teacher will also be OK as long as you refer to your time at university in your personal statement and explain why you withdrew from the course. Read the information on university websites for full course descriptions.

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