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Fees for an English part-time mature student living and working in Scotland, self-funding a second degree

I am working in an architectural practice and studying architecture part-time in England. I plan to move to Glasgow next year and transfer to Glasgow School of Art and continue to work and study part-time. As this is my second degree I am not eligible for student finance and am self-funding. Will I pay £9000/yr because I am English, or £1820 because I will be resident in Scotland (not purely for educational purposes)?
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hi Mary,

I think you should check with GSA or SAAS.

I cannot find any fees for part-time courses on the GSA website.

(There is a name and contact details at the foot of this page -
Fiona Blair in the Finance Office on +44(0) 141 353 4579 or f.blair@gsa.ac.uk)

or contact SAAS at:

I am not sure if you are transferring to GSA for the postgraduate stage of the course or whether you will be moving as an undergraduate. I really think you need to talk to the GSA to clarify this!

Hopefully your problem will be sorted soon!


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