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UK Tier 4 Student visa rejection in 2011, wants to return to UK as Tier 4 Student

I was a Tier 4 student in UK from 2009 to 2011 doing my level 4 diploma studies.

When the diploma finished, I applied for Level 7 course while being in London. Unfortunately, I didn't get an approval for another Tier 4 Visa as I didn't have my birth certificate from India to prove my relationship with my father (financial sponsor from India).

I made 2 appeals, due to which I ended up extending my stay by 3 months. Upon receiving a letter from UKBA to either make another appeal or leave the country within the specified time, I left UK and came back to India in November 2011.

I now want to go back as a Tier 4 student on Level 7. I have all the visa rejection papers from UKBA, Birth certificate from India and enough money. I just want to know, will it be any problem to go back as a student this time as I overstayed my last visa by 3 months?
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hi Asif,

Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately we cannot advise on visas, and we suggest that you look at the UKCISA website:

and the UK Government site:


Best of luck with everything!


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