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Can I reapply to a university if they've rejected me?

Jan 2020

If a university has rejected an applicant, is there any way of reapplying for the same year of entry for the same course or another course if my results are exceptionally good? Do universities ever reconsider their decisions under any special circumstances? Do the top universities ever give confirmed offers for the following year of entry if results are exceptionally good? If so, is it worth talking to them once the results are out, or do you strictly have to go through applying for next years entry – in which case there are no guarantees of getting the place you want even if results are good?


You would be free to approach universities in clearing if you were not holding any offers. Whether they would make an offer might depend on the reasons for the rejection in the first place and whether you were asking for entry that year or the following year. Unfortunately there are never any guarantees of getting the place you want.

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