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Change in firm choice

I'm currently debating between two universities to put as my firm and insurance choices (with the same offer), but I honestly don't know which one I prefer.
Is it possible to switch my firm and insurance choices around, or to choose my insurance if I decide I don't want to go to my firm choice on results day? Thanks
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hi Jessica,

Your CF university will have saved a place for you and will be expecting you to attend if you meet the offer; your CI university will not be under any obligation to offer you a place if you meet the offer for your CF university. They may not have any spaces. However, most universities are interested in stellar students and equally, most universities will release you from an offer of a place if you really don't want to attend as they don't want unhappy students. So, it is possible that you could change your mind on results day and both CF and CI universities agree to your change of mind.

Good luck,


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