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Deferring a year

If I am applying to go to university in 2018, can I accept and then defer to go on a gap year? How would I do this?
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hi Vicky,

Not quite sure I understand the question. You can apply through UCAS in Autumn/Winter 2017/18 (the 2018 cycle) for deferred entry until 2019. If you know you are planning a gap year, then it is best to apply on this basis.

UCAS advice on deferring your application on the website today states:

"If you decide to delay your studies you can still apply now and defer your start date by a year.

This way you can get your results confirmed and hopefully receive an unconditional offer for the following year.

If you're applying for deferred entry in 2017 you need to meet offer conditions by 31 August 2016. However, make sure you check with the university or college that they're happy to consider an application for deferred entry – otherwise your choice might be wasted.

Make sure you’re sure about the course though, because if you secure a place you’ll be committed to it, and could only be released from the course if the course provider agrees to let you."


Your school will help with the application process.



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