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Entry Requirements


I am looking for some advice on applying to university. I recently dropped out of college and got a job because A levels Weren't for me. However now I'm regretting it because it was always my dream to go to uni.

I am currently doing a level 3 NVQ in business and marketing and going onto doing a level 4 eventually. I am also studying to do my a level psychology by the end of next year because it was something I really enjoyed but obviously one a level isn't enough to get me into uni. I also have good GCSEs (11 A-Cs). Please help me with what routes I can take for studying psychology at university.

Answered by Alison Patterson
Hi Jack,

Don't worry, all is not lost! We would recommend the following:

- Look at Foundation courses:

- Look at Access to HE courses:

Try to narrow your search to a few universities. I suspect that you may be quite well placed to enter university via a Foundation year or an Access to HE course.

For more specific help, write to a few universities once you've narrowed it down.

A levels are not the only route to university, so don't lose hope!

Best of luck,

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