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Entry Requirements for King's College London

My daughter has an offer from King's on the PPL course with grades A*AA. She feels that she will get A*AB. Can she retake the B next year and apply for the same course for 2017?
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hi Sandra,

She should wait for results. It's possible that KCL will relax their offer and agree to admit (depending on the results/subjects).

At this stage she should be concentrating only on her exams and leave the rest to the universities.

At Results time there are options. If KCL don't accept she can go into Clearing where there will be a huge choice. She can also speak to KCL at Results and ask about the chances of success if she re-applies. We generally advise against re-applying to the same course/university but in this case she is entitled to ask the question (though they may not make any promises).

Anyway, it's not the right time to be thinking about these things.

Best of luck to her,


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