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Can I apply for Adjustment if I choose my Unconditional as my First Choice?

At the end of this year I am suspected to get better grades than the ones that I got at AS Levels. I was wondering if I wanted to go through Adjustment, would I be able to do that if I picked my unconditional offer from Anglia Ruskin as my firm choice? It's a school that I'd be alright with going to but I'd much prefer to go to the University of Winchester instead.
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hi Ellie,

Yes, you can still go into Adjustment at Results time. Did ARU give you an Unconditional offer even though you haven't taken your A levels?

The UCAS statement on Adjustment is at:


You have to make decisions fast during Adjustment so you should plan to be at home or somewhere where you can easily make good decisions.

It might be worth contacting Winchester now to ask if they might have space for you, but I'm not sure if they'll be able to say anything.

Concentrate now on getting the best A level results you can.

Good luck.


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