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Local or international fees

How can my daughter be eligible to qualify for 'local' fees in either a Scottish or English university to start in 2018? She wants to do a Music Theatre BA at a university that has the degree available. She was born in South Africa (and we currently live there) but she is doing the IEB, TRINITY and ABRSM exams in Music, Drama and Dance. She is a UK Passport holder and we, her parents, are both UK born. We have a Scottish address as my mother lives in Scotland and we plan on moving back to live there. We couldn't possibly afford the International fees unless there was a scholarship available to her. Can you help please?
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hello Alison,

The general rule is that you should have lived in the UK for the three years immediately prior to starting university. Fees status is based on residence not citizenship (I think it is related to where the family has been paying its taxes).

Unless you are temporarily based in South Africa because of an unavoidable job transfer by an employer it is hard to see how a university would regard your daughter as a home student.

The UKCISA website is very helpful:


Please note that the rules for Scotland and England are slightly different so you must ensure you read the guidelines relating to the country that your daughter is interested in attending for university.

Also look at:



The university will make the final decision based on information supplied by you, but it is not likely to make a determination before an application has been received through UCAS and the offer of a place on academic grounds has been made.

I hope this helps.


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