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Switching firm and insurance choices

My daughter holds conditional offers from King's College London (firm 1111) and Loughborough (insurance 1122), for deferred entry in 2017. Her grades are most likely to meet both offers, she will receive her results by June 2016, so far she has achieved 1122 and will probably receive additional 11 in June). Being brought up in the Austrian educational system she only now became aware that a campus university (like Loughborough) would fit her better. Can she switch her firm and insurance choice?
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hi Regina,

She needs to ask Loughborough Uni. If they agree, she should contact UCAS.


Telephone 0371 468 0 468 from the UK


+44 330 3330 230 from overseas

There is, I believe a 14 day "cooling-off" period, so if she made her decisions recently there will be no problem switching. Otherwise, it is a matter for the universities. I assume that KCL will release her as they will not want an unhappy student. So, it will depend if Loughborough is prepared to be flexible.

Good luck,


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