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Firm and Insurance

I have an unconditional offer from Uni A, nut I want to study at Uni B where I have a conditional offer.

My results have been declared, and I don't meet one of conditions at Uni B, and have sought waiver of that condition. I have been lead to believe that the waiver decision will not be taken until August, but in the meantime I have to opt for firm/insurance by 7th June.

If I opt for Uni B as my firm choice and Uni A as my insurance, is there a possibility that in the case that in August Uni B declines to waive the condition, Uni A could not honor the insurance citing absence of a place if in the meantime all the seats at Uni A are filled up? What does an insurance choice ensure - a confirmed place or is it subject to availability?
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hi Ketaki,

If the offer from A is genuinely unconditional they must accept you if B rejects you in August.

Look at:


Please read the definition of Unconditional Offer in the above link.

Did A specify that you must UF with them? If not, it sounds like a genuinely unconditional offer.

Good luck,


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