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International tuition fees

I have a few questions about the financing. I've looked at many universities and I realised that tuition fees for international students are much higher than the students from the UK, so I want to ask if I will have any discount, because my father lives and works there?
Also, I want to ask if there is a chance that the fee can be paid in installments?
I'm from Macedonia and I just finished my third year at High School, but I want to study in the UK.
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hello Kristina,

The fee you will pay is based on where you live. Eligibility for the Home fee is usually based on living in the UK for the three years before starting university.

Take a look at our guide to the most affordable universities in the UK for international students:


Universities make the final decision using guidelines, case law and based on the information you supply.

Universities collect fees in different ways and their websites should describe their methods. Many collect in termly installments in my experience.

For more information, look at:




I hope this helps.


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