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Do I qualify for home fees?

I am a 17 year old British citizen. I was born and raised in England, but during years 10 and 11 I lived in Dubai due to my father's job. This means that even though I came back to England for A-levels (year 12 and 13), I haven't been in the country for 3 years which seems to be a problem. I am not an 'international' student but I am scared that I will have to pay international prices which are significantly higher.
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hi Megan,

If you were abroad unavoidably and temporarily because of your parent's employment, it is likely that you will be able to make the case that your residence remained in the UK during your absence.

Fees status is based on residence rather than citizenship (it is to do with where the family taxes are paid). The general rule is that you should have been living in the country for the three years immediately prior to starting university.

Universities determine the fees status of their students using the guidelines and case law and based on information supplied by you. They are not likely to make a definitive statement before an offer of a place has been made on academic grounds. They may ask for quite a bit of information at that point and of course it is in your interests to be as transparent and helpful as possible.

Hope this works out for you!


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