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Entry to Medicine for an Australian IB student

As an Australian IB student interested in studying in the UK, do I apply based on my core points in October, or do I wait until the following January when I receive my actual IB results? I am interested in applying for Medicine. Thank you.
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hi Vanessa,

You must apply for September 2017 entry in Autumn 2016. Note that for Medicine the closing date is 15 October 2016.

When you fill out your UCAS form (www.ucas.com) you will be asked about your educational history to date - all exams taken and grades achieved, and about exams you will be taking prior to starting university.

The academic reference (provided by school) should make a prediction about your expected results.

On the basis of all the information on the UCAS form - academic performance (past and to follow), reference, personal statement, a conditional offer of a place may be made. This means that you must achieve a certain level in your IB.

It is understood (and normal in the UK) that results are not known when the application process begins.

For Medical School, you will also need to take the UKCAT or the BMAT.

Look at:


Then use a Course Chooser to look up entry requirements:






Alternatively, use our Medicine Table:


to identify degree courses and check university websites for full information.

You must do your research carefully, so please read the information on university websites.

Good luck,


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