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Whether to take a master's or bachelor's

In 2015 I graduated with a degree in Law from Italy. Now I am thinking of undertaking a new degree in one of Business, Finance or Economy. Alternatively, I'd like to study one of these as a master's - I'm still not sure! I would like to get as much information as possible, and lose less time as possible:

1) Could you show me a list of universities where it is possible to start a master's in those subjects? Is it possible to get a scholarship?

2) Do you think it is better to do a master's degree, or to start a new undergraduate one?

Thank you.
Answered by Alison Patterson

Do you plan to study in Italy or the UK?

It may be sensible to follow up your bachelor's degree with a master's rather than consider another bachelor's. However, this may depend on your level of numeracy.

You can start with a google search or findamasters.com. Alternatively, use our Course Search at:


for Business:






For Finance:


For Economics:


Best of luck,


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