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No references – degree completed 20 years ago

I completed my bachelor's degree in Anthropology with minors in Archaeology and Osteology in 1996. I graduated with a distinction (honours). I then served 18 years as a civil servant in a completely different field. I have been honourably discharged for medical reasons. I am considering studying at master's level in Archaeology but the universities I have looked at require references. My degree supervisor from 1996 has passed away and when I checked the faculty listing of my alma-mater none of my old professors are there, I have no idea where they are. I cannot get a reference from my old job as all they can do is have HR confirm my dates of employment – they do not provide references as a matter of policy. Is there any way I could be an exception? Please advise as I would like to pursue a second career if possible, and I cannot get a job with a 20 year old degree and no experience in the field. I need a new, updated qualification.
Answered by Cicely Oliver
Hi Miranda,

Get in touch with a few of the universities offering the courses you're interested in and call them. They'll be able to advise on your specific situation, and their requirements for references.

CUG's course chooser, lists institutions offering postgraduate archaeology study:


I hope you're able to pursue your plan.

Best wishes.

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