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Funding for a postgraduate course

I have accepted an offer a little bit late to go and study at the University of Edinburgh. Because it has all happened in the space of a few months, I hadn't properly considered the amount of money I would need for living. I will need to take additional loans to the Postgraduate loan for living. If I don't get this, and if in the worst case scenario I don't get the Postgraduate loan, I will not be able to start my course. I have accepted my offer, and I was just panicking and wondering if I would have to pay them all of the tuition fees still if I don't actually start or complete my course. I do understand that if I officially enroll or drop out once I start I will have to pay some fees back, but I was wondering if I never even go would I be liable to? I am just a little worried now as it draws closer.
Any help or advice would be great.
Answered by Cicely Oliver
Hello Lizzy, no you won't have to pay fees if you don't enrol, but you will do if you start the course.

Get in touch with the university, tell them your worries and get their advice.

There are funding suggestions on Edinburgh's website:


And see here, for information about funding PG study through charitable institutions:


I hope this helps.

Best wishes.

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