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Releasing from insurance choice in favour of Clearing

My daughter is pretty clear that she does not want to go to her Insurance choice, and is very keen to go to her Firm choice. But we're contingency planning!
Would it be worth asking her Insurance choice to release her now rather than waiting for results day? That must be easier for both sides, rather than trying to contact them on results day?
It would also seem to help her with Clearing as she would go into Clearing straight away if she doesn't get the grades for her firm choice rather than waiting for her insurance choice to release her. What's the procedure for release - via UCAS or direct? Many thanks, hope that makes sense!
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hello there Robert,

I understand your logic and if she is 100% sure she will never take up her CI university offer, she can withdraw. She could contact the university first, though it will have to go through UCAS.

You can call UCAS on:
0371 468 0 468

You will certainly be able to get hold of UCAS easier now and they are very helpful.

I think universities will be quite hard to contact at the moment because of vacation. They are also likely to want to wait until Results day. It is important that your daughter does not take irreversible action now that she might regret later.

Best of luck to her,


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