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Fees for an English resident applying to Scottish university

Politics at Edinburgh university comes 16th place in your rankings. My son is starting university in September 2017, and we live in Dorset where Southampton uni ranks at 22nd place, and much closer to us. I want to know about fees as he wants to go to the Scottish university, but we are in a different country. Most universities list fees of 9,000 per year. Would there be any difference in our situation?
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hello Beatrice,

Fees are the same at Southampton and Edinburgh if your son is an English resident. Both universities charge £9,000pa for students coming from England.

Check whether the Edinburgh course is three years. If it is four years this would make it longer and so more expensive than the Southampton course.

Obviously, the cost of travelling will be high to Scotland from Dorset. This cost will add up and is significant.

Hope this helps,


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