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High intensity degree language courses

Are there any undergraduate language degrees available in the UK, that focus solely on achieving a high level of fluency? I would like to study French and German jointly, with a year abroad (6 months in France and a further 6 in Germany). Also, are there any courses which offer more than the usual 12 teaching hours per week? In order for a language degree to be actually worthwhile, you need to be taught intensively, though I do not want to go on an intensive course that does not give you a degree at the end of it.
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hello Megan,

Our Course Chooser shows the following list of degree courses:


You must check the course content and information on university websites to gain an idea of course structure, class contact hours etc. You can also ask universities these questions. Courses will vary in emphasis and if you are looking for a course that does not, for example, focus on the literature of the country, it is important that you do your research very carefully.

The year abroad is the opportunity to put your learning into practice and I am sure that fluency arises from this period of immersion.

It is important to remember that a university education is for adults and a level of self-guided study is expected. It is not the same as secondary school and learning does not take place only in the presence of a teacher.

I hope this helps!


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