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Alternative course at Firm Choice uni

I'm fairly certain I will get accepted by my Insurance choice uni. If I miss my Firm's grades by, say, 10-20 UCAS points (so I get 270 or 260 instead of the 280 I need) and get rejected, can I still ring up the uni and ask for an alternative course despite being accepted by my CI? Or would I have to reject my CI first and then go through Clearing if there is anything left by then?
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hello Merle,

You should wait and see whether your CF university accepts you. Are you waiting for A level results on Thursday? You can try to ring your CF university to find another course there (if necessary). You would then need to withdraw from the CI course and complete the formalities with UCAS. Technically, you would be in Clearing for the new course. But don't pre-empt Results.

Good luck!


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