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Home of international fees?

My step-daughter moved to the UK with her mother aged 11, and has finished secondary school. She is about to start her A-levels. Due to the 5 year spouse visa pathway, my step-daughter will still be on this pathway when she hopes to go to university in the UK. They have both lived here since 2011, and her mother and I are married. We are very concerned about our daughter's transition to university, as if she is viewed as a foreign, non-EU student, we would not be able to afford the tuition fees etc. Given her length of time in this country and the intention to remain here, this seems somewhat unfair. She will have lived in the UK for 7 years by the time she hopes to go to university. Any advice / information would be gratefully received.
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hi Andrew,

Fees status depends on residence not citizenship, so I think your step-daughter will be treated as a Home student (though the final decision is made by university, not me).

Look at:





Please note that the rules vary slightly between the four UK countries.

Hope this helps!


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