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Deferring my entry, and going through Clearing

Hi, I have an unconditional offer for Computer Science and I want to spend the year out where I will retake two of my A Levels. UCAS informed me that since the offer is unconditional I don't have to tell the university that I'm retaking my A Levels. I don't want to waste more than a year so am hoping to defer my entry and to go into Clearing for my chosen university next year, and decline the deferred offer if I get the grades I need. But if I do that, will I have to reapply for UCAS in 2017 and does that mean I'll lose my unconditional offer? Thanks.
Answered by Alison Patterson

Is the Unconditional offer for 2017 entry?

If so, you can keep it for now and don’t have to tell the university anything about your plans. However, if you want to apply somewhere else you will have to be released from your commitment either by withdrawing from UCAS altogether and reapplying or by asking the university to release you into Clearing next summer. You can wait until you have your results before doing this, but would, of course, risk your preferred university not having any vacancies.

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