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Gap year and local fees

I live in the UK, and my daughter is studying in Shanghai. If she joins me in UK in 2017 summer and does A-level and then applies for a place in university for 2019 but with deferred entry till 2020 (i.e taking a gap year), would she be considered to have 3 year of ordinary residence prior to her course and pay local fees?
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hello Poling,

This is something that SFE or a university would need to decide. In general, residence purely for the purpose of education does not count as ordinary residence. However, if she is living with a parent on a permanent basis and has all the relevant permissions to remain in the UK, this may be viewed as ordinary residence.

I suggest you call SFE (I am assuming you are in England, not Scotland, Wales or N. Ireland. If you are in one of the latter you must call the relevant body - SAAS etc):


Also look at the ukcisa site at:



I hope this helps.


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