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Mature student, with A level grades wrong on record

I applied for Birmingham City University. I had completed my first year at London Metropolitan University and they accepted me on my experience. Through mitigating circumstances with my father's health, I still passed my first year. Since then I have started my own business have had experience in the degree I will be doing (Accounting & Finance), and the woman in charge of admissions for that degree took into consideration my age as I am a mature student and offered me an unconditional offer based on my first year pass after she contacted my previous university. When previously I did my UCAS I couldn't remember too well my A-levels as it had been 7 years and I had misplaced the certificates so I put DDD. Later I found out it was a D,E,U The university did not ask for these when giving me an unconditional offer. Anyway, the offer has been accepted by me and now for enrollment they want my A levels apparently for their records. Can they withdraw the offer?
Answered by Alison Patterson

I think you should come clean with BCU. Honesty is the best policy.

It rather sounds as though the UC offer was made on the basis of your work experience not your A levels. I don't think your A levels matter for admissions but it is important that you do not give false information.

I advise you to phone the university to straighten out the situation.

Best of luck,


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