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Getting into St Andrews with my grades

What are the chances of me getting into St Andrews University? For either Russian or Art History, my AS results are A,A,B. My A level results predicted are A,A*,A (requirements are AAB-AAA). I already have A level in Russian at an A grade two years early.
However, due to illness, I got a C in Science and D in Maths GCSEs. These were the subjects I needed to put work into but couldn't due to the circumstances. I needed to work hard as I'm not very good at Maths. The rest were A grades. I can make the A level requirements but not the Faculty of Arts requirements. Do they take into account contextual offers for getting into the faculties? One needs a B grade or above in either Maths or Science to get in.
My personal statement is very good so I've been told. I'm worried that the lack of Science and Maths will not only hinder my chances, but force me to reconsider my options for this university due to its competitiveness. Should I bother applying, would they even consider my application?
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hello Jessie,

Check with St Andrews by emailing/phoning them.

Do not give up.

Your Academic Reference from your school should contain extenuating circumstances and contextual information.

Do read the information on university websites carefully.

St Andrews will be able to comment on your chances. Good luck!


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