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Son did not get sufficient results to get into Warwick

My son applied for Warwick as his first choice, he did not get the grades and thought that he would be able to re-take some of his Maths exams and re-apply to get in next year. He has emailed the university asking them and been sent a link - which is really answering another person's question.
His result were two As in Maths and a B in Drama, his STEP exam was a low mark. His predicted grades were A* A* A and a high mark in his Step. He has declined an offer at Bristol for this year.
Please can you confirm for me whether he can or can't re-apply for Warwick next year if he re-takes the exams he had low marks in?
Thank you.
Answered by Alison Patterson

We tend to advise people not to re-apply to the same university twice. Has Warwick suggested that your son should not re-apply? If so, he should not. You must check the course entry requirements and advice on resits. It appears to me that they are discouraging applications from people resitting A levels.

I have found this statement on the Warwick website. please look at para 4.7:


I hope this helps.


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