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Kent's drop in the league tables for Mathematics

I just wanted to ask why Kent has dropped so much in the league tables for Mathematics. I do understand that these things fluctuate slightly between years, but they dropped from 20th last year, to 44th this year?
Answered by Alison Patterson
The reason for the drop in rank is the drop in destinations score from 82% to 69% and, to a lesser extent, the drop in tariff score from 362 to 349. There were just 57 students included in the calculation of the destinations percentage and so this does give some scope for fluctuations from year to year. If you remain concerned, we suggest you (i) look at Kent’s rank over a number of years on the website to see whether this is part of a downward trend and (ii) ask Kent specifically why they think their destinations score went down so much, as there may be some particular, local explanation.

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