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Mathematics MMath undergraduate degree programmes

I'm hoping to apply for an MMath but am unsure as to what is a more important factor: degree accreditation or a year in industry/a work placement scheme? Everything I read online says that both are essential, yet of the six universities I have narrowed my choices down to, three offer a year in industry and three are accredited by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications. Please could you advise?
Tags: courses maths
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hi Alfie,

Have you checked their entry requirements and league table positions?
Look at:




Look at the IMA site on accreditation:


Accreditation is something to be taken seriously. It confers status, quality and prestige on a course. Courses with this accreditation probably offer the more academic route to a MMath.

On the other hand, the year in industry offers a potentially excellent opportunity for getting a job and enhancing employability for the future.

I don't see that you have a problem. It is always good to apply for a spread of universities. If possible, you should really try to visit them because, in the end, it is the university which is the best fit for personally you that will ensure you come out with the best possible degree.

Best of luck!


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