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English student living in France - French BAC entry requirements/fees

My daughter (British citizen) would like to study 'Business Management' in a UK university in 2017. She has lived & studied in France for 15 years. Her mother resides in France & her father resides in the UK.
1) Please can you explain the point value of a French BAC in terms of entry requirements.
2) Please can you confirm that she would be subject to UK fees of £9,000. Would a Scottish university be less expensive? Could she apply for a UK student loan?
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hello Joanne,

1. The best advice is to check university websites for general entry requirements for the French Bac, then follow up with an email to check on course entry requirements if necessary. For example, look at:




2. She would probably be assessed for the EU fees rate (currently £9,000)because fees status is based on residence, not citizenship. However, you should check this with SFE:

and with universities on application.

3. Applying to Scotland would be less expensive than applying to the rest of the UK if you are assessed for the EU fee. Again, I think you should check with the funding body:


4. Loans from the UK Government are not generally available for EU students. Look at:


I hope this helps!


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