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Why are fees different for English residents?

Why do English residents pay for Scottish Uni places, when Scottish AND EU residents obtain free places? Please explain the actual reasoning behind what seems to be unfair!
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hello Paul,

English residents are liable to pay the RUK fee if attending university in Scotland. The RUK fee was introduced (reluctantly) by Scottish universities in response to the change in the law in England and Wales which raised the cap on tuition fees in 2011.

Here is a link to The University of Glasgow's fee pages:


Here is a link to a statement by St Andrews University on the subject, dating back to 2011:


It is important to note that it is generally not more expensive to study for a first degree in Scotland than in England for an English resident, even where a course may be four years' duration (you should of course check this). And Scottish universities offer RUK scholarships and bursaries to help offset the cost.

Because fees policy is now so different between Scotland and the rest of the UK, Scotland needed to come up with a strategy to address the situation and avoid an unmanageable level of applications from the rest of the UK.

Hope this helps you.


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