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Applying to a new course when already studying

I am a Biology student at Imperial College London. I have just decided however, that I would be happier studying Medicine instead. Is it possible for me to apply for undergraduate Medicine courses through UCAS again when I am already studying at university? Or do I have to take a gap year and reapply? Does any university consider students already in their first year of studies, with 3A* and 1A in A level? Which is the better option? Taking a gap year or sticking with Biology when reapplying?
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hi Phoebe,

Your best bet would be to contact a few medical schools for advice. You certainly can apply through UCAS whilst studying at university, but the medical school’s view of your position could be significant. You will need a good story to tell about why you are changing your mind and you will need to find some experience to enhance your application if you haven't already got any. If you continue with your course you do at least have a fall-back option if your application is unsuccessful.

You will need to take the UKCAT or BMAT for Medicine.

Remember that you can take an accelerated graduate entry course in Medicine after graduating in Biology. It may be sensible to complete the course you've been accepted for and then take a Medicine degree.

Good luck.


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