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Application process

My daughter is considering two very different degree options. One of them would include an application to a higher education institution which is out with the UCAS system (NSCD in Leeds). In addition there may also be an application under UCAS while the other subject choice would be a straightforward one through UCAS. How does she go about doing all these for the same year of entry?
Tags: applying
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hi Jill,

You must read the information on websites:

NSCD application information is not yet available:


You can apply simultaneously to both UCAS ans UCAS Conservatoires but you can only hold one firm offer at the end of both processes. UCAS advice is:

"You can’t hold more than one confirmed place in higher education, so if you make an application through two or more of our application systems at the same, please accept one and withdraw from the others."

Please look at:


This is going to be time-consuming but possible, though it should not undermine the main aim to finish her school education successfully. She needs to read the information online and try to narrow her choices.

I hope this helps!


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