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Second degree and student finance

Hi, I'm about to start my second degree (medicine) and I was wondering would I be entitled to any student fee help? My first degree fees were NHS funded.
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hello Lorelle,

Funding for accelerated (graduate entry) courses in Medicine is stated at:




"Graduate-entry students starting an accelerated 4-year course between September
2016 and 1 August 2017 will have to self-fund the first £3,465 of their tuition fees in the first year. In the subsequent years of their course, the NHS Bursary scheme will pay £3,465 towards their tuition fees. In all years of the graduate programme, a loan of up to £5,535 will be available to students from Student Finance England to cover the difference between £3,465 and the tuition charges of their universities, to a maximum charge of £9,000."

Please check with universities to make sure you understand the funding arrangements available for the course you have chosen.

Use a Course Chooser:


Best of luck,


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