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Applying to UK universities from the Netherlands

For some time now I have been researching British universities since I am currently in my last year of VWO and would like to go to university in another country. For all the research I have been doing, though, I am very puzzled about how conditional offers work. Do I make the conditional offer? Does the university present it to me? Do they take my current grades into account when making the offer? And can you apply to multiple universities at once? Also, conditional offers for British students always include only four subjects. Does this mean only four of my subjects will be taken into account as well and how will these subjects be determined? Or do I just have to meet qualifications in any four subjects out of the eight I will be sitting final exams in?
Also, last year I sat my CAE exams and got an A/C2 level. I have been told, though, that not all universities accept this qualification - is this true and is there still time for me to take another test if I want to start university in the 2017-2018 school year?
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hi Pascal,

You apply through UCAS at www.ucas.com

You can apply to five courses on one application.

You need to choose a degree course and then check that you meet the entry requirements.

Most universities have a section of their website which states the requirements for applicants with international qualifications. You should fin this. For example:





You should follow up with an email to admissions teams to check whether there are specific course requirements.

Also read the university websites for English Language requirements.

You will need to prepare a Personal statement for your UCAS application and you will need a teacher (or equivalent) to supply an academic reference. Look at:


Don't worry about the conditional offer. This is made by universities to applicants in their final year of high school. The universities make offers of places subject to the condition that a certain level of attainment is achieved in the final exams to be taken at the end of the school year. It sounds as though you have finished your exams and so does not apply to you.

I hope this helps. Good luck!


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