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Keeping university options open

My daughter is very unsure about which course to take and when and I didn't go to uni I am struggling to advise. We have the following questions;
If she ticks the defer box and then after January decides she doesn’t want to defer, can she change it?
If she doesn’t tick the defer box but then decides she wants to defer, can she change it 1) before results day? or 2) on results day?
If she chooses to defer, can she defer both her firm and reserve or is it just one or the other?
If she chooses to defer, but then during the year out decides she’d like to do a completely different course, what happens?
What if she decides not to apply this year at all, but to apply next year when she has more of an idea about what she’d like to do? What happens with references etc?
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hello, thank you for your questions.

1. If she changes her mind she will need to ask the university if they will let her; UCAS will then need to be informed (by the university, I believe).

2. Again, she will need to ask the university if they will allow it. It's probably best to approach universities with a change of mind at the earliest possible time.

3. She should contact both universities.

4. She could try contacting her Unconditional university to ask if they would consider a change of course. If they do not (and they are under no obligation to do so) she might need to withdraw and submit a new UCAS application for 2018 entry.

5. You can re-apply the following year, without prejudice. I would advise your daughter to keep a Word version of her Personal Statement which she can update to re-use in a modified version. She will also need to ask her school for an Academic Reference again. Again, check that this will be possible.

The UCAS guidance is at:

I hope this helps.


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