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Common App vs UCAS

I am a student from Greece and I want to study abroad. I have taken the SAT exams and I will make an application through Common App for some US universities. But as I am not sure if I will be accepted and unsure if I will find a scholarship, I want to try to apply also in the UK. Can I apply for the universities that accept Common App, through this platform and for the rest through UCAS? By that, isn't it possible to apply to more than five universities?
Do you also know if I can use my SATs as a "plus" to my UCAS application?
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hi Jim,

Apply to UK universities using UCAS at www.ucas.com

Your US qualifications will be taken into account as British universities are familiar with these qualifications and most UK university websites list entry requirements for students with US qualifications.

For example:


Quote your SAT results in your UCAS application.

Apply to US universities using the Common App.

The two systems are independent.

Best of luck,


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