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Uni without alevels

I was wondering if you could help me. I'm currently 17 first year of college I am finding it extremely difficult and thinking of leaving after this year and hopefully will has 2-3 as levels. The only problem is I want to go to university I saw online there is a foundation degree you can do if you do not have the right qualifications to help you get into university and wondered if this is a option I could take I plan to work until I'm 18 and then go to uni and wondered if as I am 18 I could get onto a foundation degree to then help my progress on to uni. I know it's not a option that's really suggested for a person off my age but I find it hard concentration on 4 different topics and found that the foundation degree and degrees as a whole are focused on one area which I find much easier to work with.
If there's any other options you could suggest for me that would be great
Tags: universities
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hi Katherine
This might be a possible route for you but we would strongly recommend you talk to the support and/or careers service at your college before making any final decisions. It is difficult for us to tell what is best for you based on a brief email and your college are probably better placed to offer sound advice.

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