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Is an art foundation year compulsory?

My daughter wants to study Fine Art at uni, but even though it is likely she will be awarded an A* in A level Art, she is being guided to do a foundation diploma for a year before uni. She will mix with younger and non A* A level people - we are confused so can you explain, please?
Answered by Alison Patterson
Hello John,

It is historically "usual", though not compulsory, to take an art foundation course before progressing to university to study a fine art subject.

Many people remain at home and take this at their local FE College. However, some universities offer the Foundation course. And some universities do not require the foundation course as a prerequisite at all.

Look at the list of university courses with an integrated foundation year:


and the list of courses in Fine Art:


A free-standing foundation year looks like this:


or this:


It is essential to check entry requirements for the Fine Art degree courses that appeal to your daughter. If necessary, check by contacting them direct, to find out whether they prefer Art Foundation.

I have a friend who took the MMU foundation year, then applied (through UCAS)to the GSA where she graduated with her first degree. She has just graduated with a MFA from the Art Institute Chicago.

Good luck.


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